What We Do

Since its foundation over ten years ago Alstrat has been a trusted advisor, business partner and director committed to delivering the highest value.

Our services are built on practical experience, strategic alliances and partnerships in outsourcing and business development in various international markets including China and South-America. We currently support the domestic and international development activities of Canadian-based companies from various industrial sectors, particularly from Colombia.

With a deep understanding of strategic issues and processes, and more than forty years of hands-on experience in business we can help your business drive measurable results to the top and bottom lines. Our balanced approach is adapted to the individual needs and involves coaching, guidance and hands-on execution through the various cycles of your domestic and international business to:

Grow revenues,

Reduce Costs,

Improve cash flow, and

Ensure corporate governance.

Working hand in hand with business owners, executives and stakeholders Alstrat will  help you deal with your most pressing priorities to achieve your growth objectives and will accompany you in the development and implementation of winning strategies. We undertake specific fixed term contracts or can join your executive team, your Board of Directors or Advisory Board to facilitate a smooth transition or a succession plan.

In simple terms, you get Senior Executive value as and when needed at the highest return for the business.

Business solutions and

International Business Development